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Welcome to the Sussex Vale Transition House Gold Rush 50/50 Draw Lottery Fundraiser!!

Enter for your chance to win in our weekly 50/50 draw while at the same time supporting our womens and childrens shelter.
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Lottery Licence # 044649756000

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Gold Rush 50/50 Rules

Gold Rush 50/50 is open to the general public and subject to provincial laws and regulations as per the Department of NB Public Safety – Gaming and Licensing.

  • Gold Rush 50/50 is open to the general public and subject to Provincial Laws and Regulations.

  • Must be 18 years or older to play.

  • A personcan join GOLD RUSH anytimeby registeringa ticket at any of our vendor locations.

  • Our GOLD RUSH locations are: Sharp’s Drugstore, Starlite Video, Sobeys,NeedsFast Fuel, AtlanticSuperstore,Mobil Gas Bar,Main Street Irving, Mrs. Dunster’s,Bayview Credit Union (Sussex Branch),Pleasant Valley Market, Rite Stop,Four Corners Irving, Penobsquis Wilson’s Gas Stop (Penobsquis),Jones General Store (Apohaqui), Norton Irving Circle K, and Valley View Sales (Midland)

  • Due to safety and confidentiality, it is prohibited to come to the Transition House to play your toonie.

  • A person may register more than one number.

  • Each player is responsiblefor maintainingcorrect personal contact informationon their registrationand playing their correct number weekly

  • Once registered, the ticket number is active for every draw from that date on.

  • No refunds.

  • By registering, you agree to have your name, ticket number and Jackpot Prizephotopublished shouldyour number be drawn.

  • Draws occur weekly on Thursday. There is no draw during the week of Christmas.

  • The draw deadline to play a number is 11:00 a.m. Wednesday of each week. Monies paid after thistime will be applied to the following week’s draw.***8a.m. at out-of-Sussex Locations***.

  • The weekly winning number will be drawn froma locked ticketdrum.

  • The draw will take place on Thursdaysandresultswill be announced on air by 12:30pmon AM 590CJCWand posted at ourGOLD RUSHlocations. We will update our Facebook pageatnoon,as well.

  • Winners will be contacted using the information they provide in their registration. It isthe players’responsibility to ensure registration information remains current.

  • A photo ID is required to collect your winningsand must be presented in person. Winners consent tothe use of their name and photograph for publicity purposes.

  • Ifa non-winner is drawn, the jackpot will carry over to thefollowing week’s draw.

  • Winnings will be paid by cheque in the exact name provided on the registration ticket unlessa provenlegal name change has occurred.

  • Every reasonable effort will be made to contact the Gold Rush Prize Winner. Winnings unclaimed after90 dayswill beadded back to thepot.

  • Tickets are non-transferable from one name to another under any circumstances. You can cancel aticket by calling 433-GOLD(4653) or sending a Facebook message.

  • Pre-Payment of your GOLD RUSHnumberoccursquarterly and is advertised at all vendor locations.

  • Lottery Licence #044649756000

For more information about GOLD RUSH, please contact Sussex Vale Transition House 433-4653 or visit our website:

Rules and Regulations as of January 2023 

Locations to Play

Vendor List as of July 2020

In-Sussex Vendor Toonie Box Locations

  • FastFuel
  • Four Corners Circle K Irving
  • Sussex Circle K Irving – Main St
  • Starlite
  • Sussex RiteStop
  • Griffin’s Smoke Shop Sobeys
  • Sharp’s Drugstore
  • Atlantic Superstore
  • Mobil
  • Mrs Dunster’s
  • Bayview Credit Union
  • Pleasant Valley Market

Out-of-Sussex Vendor Toonie Box Locations

  • Valley View Sales – Midland
  • Norton Circle K Irving
  • Jones’ General Store – Apohaqui
  • Penobsquis Corner Gas

How do I join the Draw?

  • Fill out a 50/50 Ticket at a Gold Rush Location. Keep the stub for your records.

How is the weekly Draw done?

  • Draw is held at Sussex Vale Transition House
  • Draw is videotaped for archives
  • Ballots are in a locked, steel Drum
  • Photo of the draw is taken and photo is stored
  • Those present for the Draw verify the Number Drawn, check the tracking log to see if the Player played a Toonie or has Pre-Paid for this Draw
  • Winner: is contacted. Announcements go out: Radio, Top of Boxes, Facebook
  • No Winner: the player is not contacted. Announcements go out: Radio, Top of Boxes, Facebook
  • Ballot is returned to the Drum for all future draws
  • Ballot drum is locked; drum key is stored in a locked cabinet.

How do I play Gold Rush?

  • Go to a location with a Gold Rush box; take a yellow sticker off the side of the Box;
  • Write your Number on the sticker. Put the Sticker on the Toonie. Drop the Toonie in the Box.

Can I put the Gold Rush ticket in my child’s name?
No – Lottery Licence requirement is for all Players to be 18 years or older.

When is the Draw?
The Draw is on Thursday. Play by 11 am on Wednesday (8 am at out of Sussex locations)

Is the Draw done from the Toonies?
No. The Draw is from the Numbers.

How long is my Number in the Draw?
Until you cancel the number

What is “roll-over”?
If a player did not play their Toonie (or it was not Prepaid) and their number is drawn, that prize rolls over to the next draw. That’s why it’s called a modified 50/50

Can I play more than one number?
Yes. Fill in another Gold Rush ticket to get another number to be played every week. Remember…a number needs to be played every week to win.

How can I pay in advance so I won’t forget to play?
Prepay is available quarterly and dates are announced at vendor locations, on Facebook and our website.

Ways to Prepay your Gold Rush Number:

  • Drop a cheque, bank draft or money order in any Gold Rush Box and put your Gold Rush Number on the memo line
  • $26 for 3 months, $52 for 6 months, $104 for 12 months.
  • No Cash is accepted for Prepay
How to Pre-Pay

Pre-Pay Instructions

3 months =$26.00 6 months=$52.00 12 months=$104.00.

Multiple GR#s can be combined into one pre-payment if detailed in the memo

Pre-pay by cheque, money order, or bank draft at any Gold Rush toonie box location.
Make payable to Sussex Vale Transition House

  • in the memo section please write
    • each Gold Rush# being prepaid
    • the name and phone# registered to each Gold Rush#
  • place into locked toonie box.


  • Security question: What am I paying?
  • Security answer: goldrush
  • in the memo section please write
    • each Gold Rush# being prepaid
    • the name and phone# registered to each Gold Rush#.
  • Your e-transfer receipt notification will arrive via your regular banking notifications –
    not from SVTH.

Please note:
SVTH does not issue charitable receipts for Gold Rush as players are participating in a lottery,  rather than simply making a donation.

Please direct any inquires to:
Denise McMackin, SVTH Gold Rush 5050 Manager
(506) 433-GOLD (4653)