Capital Campaign

Doors of Hope

When a woman flees abuse, she has reached a breaking point.

The pain, suffering and risk – or worse – for her and her children have escalated to intolerable levels. She is driven, finally, to overcome her fear of reprisals, and her shame in seeking help.

The key to taking that life-saving decision is having someplace safe to go. For almost 30 years Sussex Vale Transition House has been that place, for dozens of women a year. For those women, SVTH is literally a life saver. Many use their month at SVTH as a springboard to a better future.

But many need more support for longer periods of time. Finding housing in one month can seem almost impossible. Women also need employment, and often that requires new skills. They may need to buy a car to hold a job. And their children are always their first priority.

Making major progress towards a new life while dealing with the accumulated effects of trauma takes time.
Doors of Hope

Without more counselling, coaching, mentoring, and encouragement, they lose heart. Without new skills for employment they flounder. And without more time – including time to find a place to live- they often have no choice but to return to the abusive setting.

That’s why we are opening Second Stage Housing – a five-unit apartment building geared for the women we serve and their needs.

Once open, women will not only have a safe place in a crisis, more will have a doorway to genuine hope for a better future.

For more information please download our Capital Campaign PDF or click donate to help the Sussex Vale Transition House in supporting women in our community. Together we can make a difference!